Mute music while watching videos.

No searching for apps, clicking buttons, or raising your hand in the air necessary; your music just fades out automatically...

...and it fades back in after the video is done so you don't have to sit in silence.

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Background Music Ducking

Windows 7 and 8 (as well as some phones and cars) already mute your computer when you receive a Skype or other VOIP call. The same should happen for your music when you watch a video. You tell which program or website is your music and it will show an icon with controls and fade it out when you play a video.

Works With Your Music Player mutes any program or website that plays sound. It pauses in iTunes, foobar2000, WinAmp, Spotify (desktop), Zune, Windows Media Player, Rdio (web), Pandora,, MOG, and other players after you set up DOS or JavaScript commands.

A Browser For Your Background Music includes a Chromium-based browser that gives you separate volume control for your web-based background music. Allows extra volume precision (set your volume to 0.8% so only you can hear your secret music/video.) Supports background videos as the topmost window.