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mute.fm prerelease installer

Works with Windows 7 and Windows 8 Desktop.

Beta v0.9.15 (never expires). Release Notes

There are two downloads available: mute.fm and mute.fm+.

mute.fm is a small download and works with desktop-based music players such as iTunes, foobar2000, Spotify, Zune, Windows Media Player, and Winamp. If you want to use web-based background music, you will need to load the site in a browser other than the one you watch videos in, and you likely will not be able to pause that music.

Download (1.75 MB; requires .NET Framework 4 Client Profile)

mute.fm+ also works with desktop-based sound players and adds the ability to use web-based players as your background music by bundling a Chromium-based browser which you can open them in. Because of this, it usually requires installing Flash and the download is larger.

Download (16 MB; requires .NET Framework 4 Client Profile)

The above installers do the following:

The installer does not install other external software, change your default browser, install toolbars, etc.

You can view the InnoSetup configuration file (although might not be up to date) here.